barb lougheed art


Harold Klunder
One of Canada's leading painters. He has exhibited constantly for more than three decades since his first solo show at Sable-Castelli Gallery in 1976. I had the good fortune of taking a course with him in 2011 and 2012.

David Lafrance
Painter, sculptor and sound installation artist, Lafrance creates unusual works where an exalted natural world clashes or merges with traces of human life. Through the creation of Edenic landscapes, Lafrance explores his own psyche and awakens his sensitive spirit to test the limits of expressionism. David is another teacher that I had the great pleasure to work with.

Blair Sharpe
Sharpe has exhibited widely, with numerous solo shows in Ottawa and Toronto, including a major mid-career survey at the Ottawa Art Gallery in 1989 as well as group shows across Canada and abroad. I am very grateful to have had Blair as a teacher. Not only does he share his love of art, but his excellent sense of humour makes it all fun.

Libby Hague
A prolific Canadian artist known for her large scale print installations. Her work has been exhibited in prominent galleries across Canada, including the Art Gallery of Ontario. I had the good fortune to study under Libby at the Toni Onley Project in Wells, BC and see her Sympathetic Connections installation at the AGO in 2011.

Hedda G. Sidla
Her oil and acrylic paintings are symbolic interpretations of real and imaginary journeys, where sky, land, water, and objects become visual metaphors of our conscious and unconscious travels. The luminous paintings evolve intuitively through a repeated process of layering and removing paint. Fine lines are scratched into the surface, serving both as boundaries and places to be crossed through. Hedda was my first teacher and continues to be a huge source of inspiration.

barb lougheed art